Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Get More Knowledge on .Zepto File Virus

.Zepto File Virus is deemed as a new file encryption ransomware virus which belongs to the Locky ransomware family. It uses the RSA-2048 file encryption algorithm and appends .zepto extension at the end of every encrypted file name. Although, it modifies the file names with the set of letters and numbers. The malware encrypts the following file types: images, audios, documents, game files, videos, emails and so on. Then after, it will create a “Help_instructions.html” file which consists instructions to pay the ransom amount and decrypt the files. Moreover, the .Zepto File Virus will ask you to download the TOR browser and force you to visit the certain website. It also modifies the name of the affected system files with hexadecimal characters and making it quite difficult to understand where the certain files are. Therefore, on this page we have created a guide to eradicate .Zepto File Virus from your PC and provides you the best way to restore encrypted files and data.

How .Zepto File Virus Infects Your System?

.Zepto File Virus distributes using the standard methods that is spam email attachments, torrent files, visiting hacked websites like pornographic, clicking on suspicious links or advertisements, peer-to-peer file sharing sites, and trojan virus. However, this ransomware threat uses the TOR network in order to receive the ransom money which makes it very difficult to trace the hackers. Moreover, the ransom is asked to be paid in the Bitcoins that also makes the tasks quite difficult for the security agencies, because the users in this network are often anonymous. Although, the encryption process starts in the background. Thus, the best way to secure your machine from .Zepto File Virus is to use the best antivirus with crypto-potection.

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Steps To Eliminate .Zepto File Virus From Windows Control Panel

For Windows 7 Users:

  • Click on the Start (Windows Logo at the bottom left corner of your desktop), then choose Control Panel. Locate .Zepto File Virus and its related suspicious programs and tap on Uninstall a program.

For Windows XP Users:

  • Click Start, choose Settings and tap on Control Panel. Then after, click on Add or Remove Programs and find unknown programs installed by .Zepto File Virus, tap on “Uninstall”.

For Windows 10 & Windows 8 Users

  • Right-click in the lower left corner of the computer screen, in the Quick Access Menu select the Control Panel. In the opened Window choose the Programs and Features option. Now, spot .Zepto File Virus and tap on “Uninstall a program” option.

Note: Manual methods are too complex and it requires some technical expertise. Therefore, it is highly suggested to use the Automatic .Zepto File Virus Scanner to detect and remove this malware safely from your system.

Why to choose Automatic Scanner for .Zepto File Virus Removal

Automatic scanner is the best tool for the elimination of .Zepto File Virus. The best thing is that it is designed with the latest technology and in highly sophisticated environment. It has graphical user interface, thus it is a user friendly software. This program scans the windows system throughly and searches for the malicious parasites and then remove them completely from your PC. Also, it provides the real time computer protection and optimizes the machine performance. So, you can easily use this tool for the removal of .Zepto File Virus and the security of your Windows computer.

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Method To Restore Encrypted Data and Files with Data Recovery Software

However, you can easily remove .Zepto File Virus from your computer by using the automatic scanner which is mentioned above in this article. But, even after removing the threat from your PC, you cannot restore your healthy files back. In this kind of situation, you can recover your data and files by using the best Data recovery software which is capable of restoring all types of files, like images, documents, videos, audios, games, and many more. With the help of this recovery tool, you will be able to access your computer data and files back again normally like before.

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